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Wish you were here

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......@@ -13,6 +13,15 @@
<div class="w80">
<h2 id="wish-you-were-here">Wish you were here</h2>
<a href="/files/music/wish_you_were_here.mp4">video</a>
<a href="">youtube</a>
class="small-video" controls preload="none"
<source src="/files/music/wish_you_were_here.mp4" />
Your browser doesn't support the &lt;video&gt; tag.
<h2 id="black-mountain-side-bron-y-aur-stomp">Black mountain side / Bron-Y-Aur stomp</h2>
<a href="/files/music/black_mountain_side_bron_y_aur_stomp.mp4">video</a>
<a href="">youtube</a>
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