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#!/bin/env python3
import html
import itertools
import os
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import xml.dom.minidom
URL_PATTERN = r'https://([^.]+\.)?bbguimaraes\.com/[^"<&]*$'
SRC_REF_PATTERN = r'class="src-ref"'
DOMAIN_RE = re.compile(r'^https://([^.]+)\.bbguimaraes\.com/.*$')
INTERNAL_RE = re.compile(r'^https://bbguimaraes\.com/([^?#]*)$')
GITLAB_RE = re.compile(r'^https://gitlab\.bbguimaraes\.com/bbguimaraes/(.+)$')
GITLAB_REPOSITORY_RE = re.compile('^([^/]+)$')
GITLAB_FILE_RE = re.compile(
SRC_REF_ATTRS = ('data-hash', 'href')
def main():
if not check_urls():
return 1
if not check_files():
return 1
def err(*msg):
print(*msg, file=sys.stderr)
return False
def rg(*args, only_matching=False):
l = [
'rg', '--glob', '!*'
'--no-heading', '--no-filename', '--no-line-number']
if only_matching:
ret = subprocess.check_output(l)
return ret.decode('utf-8')
def file_path(repo, name):
return os.path.join('..', repo, name)
def check_urls():
urls = rg(URL_PATTERN, only_matching=True)
urls = sorted(map(html.unescape, set(urls.splitlines())))
for domain, urls in itertools.groupby(urls, extract_subdomain):
if domain is None:
if not all(map(check_internal_url, urls)):
return False
elif domain == 'gitlab':
if not all(map(check_gitlab_url, urls)):
return False
return err('unhandled domain:', domain, list(urls))
return True
def extract_subdomain(url):
return next(iter(DOMAIN_RE.findall(url)), None)
def check_internal_url(url):
m = INTERNAL_RE.match(url)
if m is None:
return err('unknown internal URL:', url)
return os.path.exists(os.path.join('', \
or err('internal file not found:', url)
def check_gitlab_url(url):
_, ok = parse_gitlab_url(url)
return ok
def parse_gitlab_url(url, *, files_only=False):
m = GITLAB_RE.match(url)
if m is None:
return (None, None, None), err('unknown Gitlab URL:', url)
tail =
if not files_only:
if m := GITLAB_REPOSITORY_RE.match(tail):
r =
return (
(None, None, None),
r in REPOSITORIES or err('unknown repository:', r))
m = GITLAB_FILE_RE.match(tail)
if m is None:
return (None, None, None), err('unknown Gitlab URL format:', url)
repo, is_release, branch, file_name = m.groups()
if not files_only and is_release:
ret = repo + '.git' in REPOSITORIES
return ((None, None, None), ret or err('unknown repository:', repo))
if branch != 'master':
return (None, None, None), err('branch must be "master":', url)
if not os.path.exists(file_path(repo, file_name)):
return (
(None, None, None),
err('file not found', f'{repo}, {branch}:{file_name}'))
return (repo, branch, file_name), True
def check_files():
for line in sorted(set(find_files())):
(hash, url), ok = parse_src_ref(line)
if not ok:
return False
(repo, branch, path), ok = parse_gitlab_url(url)
if not ok or not check_hash(repo, branch, path, hash):
return False
return True
def find_files():
ret = rg(SRC_REF_PATTERN, '')
return map(str.strip, ret.splitlines())
def parse_src_ref(s):
x = xml.dom.minidom.parseString(s).documentElement
if not all(x.hasAttribute(a) for a in SRC_REF_ATTRS):
return (), err('invalid `src-ref` element:', line)
return map(x.getAttribute, SRC_REF_ATTRS), True
def check_hash(repo, branch, path, hash):
out = subprocess.check_output((
'git', '-C', os.path.join('..', repo),
'rev-parse', f'{branch}:{path}'))
out = out.decode('utf-8').rstrip()
return hash == out \
or err(f'invalid hash ({hash} != {out}) for path: {path}')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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