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\section*{Professional experience}
\subsection*{Universidade de Caxias do Sul}
Senior Programmer
\item[Duration]: 3 years
Trainee programmer (2012-2014), Programmer (2014-2015), Senior
programmer (2015)
\item[Location]: Caxias do Sul, Brazil
Development of computer systems used by the university's
teachers, students and employees ($\sim$30k users).
teachers, students, and employees ($\sim$30k users).
Web development with a traditional linux stack and web server
Web development with a traditional linux stack, web server
configuration and maintenance.
Configuration and maintenance of auxiliary web application
infrastructure: memcache (memory caching service), celery
infrastructure, e.g.: memcache (memory caching service), celery
(python work queue manager), and buildbot (continuous
integration service).
......@@ -25,19 +26,27 @@ Senior Programmer
Integrated authetication (single sign on) of multiple services
(internal python/django applications, redmine, wordpress).
Integration of linux containers (docker) on the development
and deployment of web applications.
Utilization of linux containers for the development and
deployment of web applications.
python, django, docker, html, css, js, svn, git, TDD, apache, nginx,
sqlite, oracle, sentry, celery, memcache, buildbot, mongodb, ldap,
active directory, SAML, ruby, rails, passenger, wordpress
\item \textbf{Operating systems}: linux (CentOS, RHEL, docker)
\item \textbf{Languages}: python, html, css, js, c, ruby, php
\item \textbf{Web frameworks}: django, rails, wordpress
\item \textbf{Databases}: sqlite, postgresql, oracle
\item \textbf{Web servers}:
apache, nginx, mod\_wsgi, uwsgi, passenger
\item \textbf{Services}:
memcache, sentry, celery, buildbot, mongodb, ldap, active
directory, SAML
\subsection*{Red Hat}
Associate Software Engineer - OpenShift
\item[Duration]: ongoing
\item[Title]: Associate software engineer (2016-)
\item[Team]: Integration Services
\item[Location]: Brno, Czech Republic (remote team in the USA)
......@@ -14,7 +14,12 @@
development of a mass-spring system to simulate the thread of a
surgical suture on a computer model of a human liver.
\item[Technologies]: c/c++, opengl, graphics programming.
\item \textbf{Operating systems}: linux, windows
\item \textbf{Languages/libraries}: c/c++, opengl
\item \textbf{Area}: graphics programming, physics
Anatomic hepatectomies are resections in which compromised segments or
sectors of the liver are extracted according to the topological
......@@ -38,6 +43,10 @@
integration of an anti-phishing filter based on artificial immune
systems with the postfix mail server.
postfix, linux, shell script, systems programming, c\#, artificial
\item \textbf{Operating system}: linux
\item \textbf{Languages}: shell, c\#
\item \textbf{Programs}: postfix
\item \textbf{Areas}: systems programming, artificial intelligence
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