Commit 64748857 authored by bbguimaraes's avatar bbguimaraes
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Correction on bayes net configuration.

The algorithm configured to run was NaiveBayes, not sure when this
happened (the first version on the repository was already wrong).
parent 320c6a46
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
<object class="java.lang.String" name="7">-S</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="8">1</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="9">-W</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="10">weka.classifiers.bayes.NaiveBayes</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="10">weka.classifiers.bayes.BayesNet</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="11">--</object>
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