Commit 67d05ada authored by bbguimaraes's avatar bbguimaraes
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Added another parameter for selection on clonalg.

Execution time:

real    854m25.724s
user    678m51.702s
sys     58m34.708s
parent ecbaf22e
......@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@
<object class="boolean" name="debug" primitive="yes">false</object>
<object array="yes" class="java.lang.String" name="options">
<object class="java.lang.String" name="0">-P</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="1">G 10.0 50.0 5.0</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="2"></object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="3"></object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="1">G 5.0 20.0 4.0</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="2">-P</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="3">B 0.1 0.5 5</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="4">-X</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="5">10</object>
<object class="java.lang.String" name="6">-S</object>
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